October 25, 2021


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5 Top Places to Buy Refurbished Samsung Phones for Sale

Finding refurbished Samsung phones for sale can sometimes be a difficult task due to hidden damage and malfunctions that pop from buying used phones from individuals or sketchy resale sites. Here is a quick Top 5 list of places to get ahold of quality refurbished Samsung phones.

Best Buy

Best Buy offers refurbished models of phones that aren’t too far out of date. That means the Samsung Galaxy 9 series and up are still available for as long as they last. There are different quality refurbishments, so just pay attention to how it’s listed to assess the device’s overall quality. Best Buy has an image to maintain and will only carry devices that are close to mint condition. So don’t worry about getting a device with a cracked screen or aesthetic damage. They also offer protection plans or warrantees where they can’t.

Overall, Best Buy isn’t the cheapest option for refurbished phones but they offer the most support after purchase.


eBay has become a haven for online businesses and resellers. This means refurbished and certified Samsung phones are available at competitive prices and sometimes for bid. This is an excellent way to find a good price for a device model that is just barely outdated for a great price. You’ll have to do a little more research to verify the seller you choose to buy from and the shipping times may not be equivalent to other websites like Amazon, but it all comes at a price that can’t be beat.

I’ve personally purchased refurbished technology from eBay with great success. Products like the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 can be picked up for around $150 while previous Samsung flagship phones like the Note 10 can be found for as low as $250.

From Samsung Directly

Device manufacturers often replace faulty devices with new ones and send the malfunctioning unit to be diagnosed and repaired. These fixed phones are usually sold by the manufacturer on their websites. Samsung does this is as well. They have a limited option of refurbished phones as they tend to sell quickly, but the option is available. There are other advantages to purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Warranties and replacement programs through Samsung are identical to a new phone purchase. The worry about whether the phone will malfunction again is lifted by their promise to replace or fix it.


Gazelle is a site geared to operate as a marketplace for selling and buying electronic devices. This site offers to take your old phone and pay you for it. You can either take the money you get and walk away or apply it to a new phone purchase. Gazelle then takes your old phone and refurbishes it to be put on the marketplace as well.

They offer a 30-day return policy to work out lemons.

UpTrade It

Another marketplace for used phones that adds a lot more investigative work into certifying products for resale is UpTrade. Each page details the functions of the phone and its current condition as well as a background check to prevent being locked out of the device due to it being previously stolen or lapsed financing payments. Every photo is of the exact device you are shopping for and not just an example. They’ve thought of everything they could do to put the buyer’s mind at ease. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.