Doom Is Now Playable On Potatoes

Elroy Mariano

If your system has a monitor and even the barest minimum of computing ability within of it, it could be able of functioning Doom. The 1993 recreation has turn out to be a meme benchmark, used to find out if the unlikeliest of gizmos are capable of running a playable edition of Id Software’s cult common.

Fridges and household pregnancy kits have been home to Doom, but YouTuber Equalo appeared to raise the bar by functioning the iconic to start with level of the video game on very little but pure potato ability. Equalo used the the natural way happening chemical reactions inside potatoes, zinc, copper to power a Raspberry Pi Zero for his experiment.

A single potato would not have been adequate to provide electricity thanks to the unbelievably compact present-day that it generates, and a bigger potato would not have aided possibly. Equalo ultimately discovered the ideal formulation, making a gigantic battery from more than 700 potato slices that were being wired with each other. With a TI-84 Moreover graphing calculator as the screen that Doom could be performed on, Equalo succeeded in his potato-run test.

The only downside to this ambitious experiment? A garage that was soaked in the abdomen-churning smell of various hundred potatoes that had begun to rot immediately after becoming left out in the open for a number of times.

“Be sure to don’t at any time try out to do this oneself, it is really not really worth it,” Equalo concluded.

A considerably less odious version of Doom is also headed to the Playdate, a compact handheld console that contains a hand crank that can be utilized to electric power the game’s iconic gatling gun. Alternatively, you can also prevent getting a garage full of rotting potatoes by examining out the spectacular Personal computer/console ports of the basic game.

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