November 27, 2021


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How do iONE360 and furniture visualization solve a problem for customers?

iONE360 can be seen as an essential device for companies and customers. It plays an important part in the rise of furniture visualization. More and more customers buy their furniture online, thanks to 3D options. What is iONE360 exactly and what are the benefits for customers?

Why 3D solves a big problem

Buying furnishing online does have a disadvantage for customers. Until recently, you couldn’t try out the sofa, table or another product. Will that chair really fit in the living space? A website doesn’t tell you. We have good news for you though: iONE 360 and furniture visualization is the perfect solution for this problem. Interactive 360 designs make buying couches and also sofas easier than ever because you can watch them at every angle.

360-degree sight

Buying a brand-new natural leather couch isn’t different to buying a car actually. You will likely use these products for years. The design you choose certainly become part of your live at home This makes the investment worth it. Unless you don’t make the right choice by choosing furniture that doesn’t fit in your home. Thanks to iONE 360 you can avoid mistakes. Furniture visualization makes it possible to get a 360-degree sight of the item.

The growth of the online furniture market

Significant items of home furnishings, like couches or tables, are a financial investment. Choosing the best products and planning the timeline of production always takes time.  With the help of 3D, like iONE 360, more and more customers can buy online without any risks. Did you know that  online acquisitions of furnishings were up 40 percent in 2018? Incredible! Brochures consisting of fixed item pictures are becoming a thing of the past. It’s 2021 so the customers want to be able to watch items from all angles. Huge products like sofas and beds can be viewed in 3D. Furniture visualization has changed the online retail industry forever.

Great news for customers ánd companies

Photorealistic products reveal a sofa or couch as they would stand in a living-room under genuine light. They highlight the shade of natural leather from various angles, so you can already see how it looks in your living room. This is great news for companies as well. If site visitors to your website are thinking about getting a custom-made couch that isn’t offered at most display rooms, furniture visualization comes in. iONE 360 makes it possible to set up and also obtain a complete sight of the item to guarantee it’s the best furniture for a home.

Don’t waste time anymore

Home items are normally a significant financial investment for customers. If they’re not content with their acquisition, both the customer and also the store waste time by returning the items. 3D can fix this problem forever. Just try it out for yourself, and you won’t be disappointed!