October 25, 2021


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How to Adjust Rifle Scope for Windage And Distance

How to Adjust Rifle Scope for Windage And Distance

How to Adjust Rifle Scope for Windage And Distance

To witness the full potential of a rifle, it is necessary to use it with a scope. Because having a good rifle is not enough. You should also buy a good scope that works with your long gun.

Try to buy a scope that fits with your rifle. After that learn about how to adjust the scope to get the desired results. In this article, you will learn about three common adjustments for a rifle scope.

These adjustments are:

  1. Elevation
  2. Windage
  3. Parallax

In some rifles, you do not need to adjust the parallax because manufacturers do this for you. This makes your work a little easy but if you are not satisfied with this adjustment then you can set it according to your requirement.

Before adjusting the rifle scope make sure to read its manual to know whether the scope in inches or MOAs. Let’s take a deep look at these adjustments for a better understanding


You can easily understand windage in MOA and also it can be expressed in inches. By turning the turret of scope you can increment the adjustments. The full form of MOA is minutes of angle.

The scope on your rifle clearly shows the direction in which you turn the turret. You can make any adjustments by just turning the turret. You can also use this as a barometer of equality because some cheap models do not have this feature.

You know that a circle is divided into 360 degrees and each degree is divided into 60 minutes. It means that you have 21,600 minutes in a circle. Each minute is itself an angle that you can use to adjust the gun sights. Because the distance covered by MOA is relative to your target’s circumference.

You can calculate the MOA by using these steps

  1. Use (radius x 2) x pi formula to calculate the circumference
  2. Divide the circumference by 360 to calculate the angle of the arc
  3. To get the MOA divide angle of arc by 60.

Changing one minute of the angle of sight’s elevation changes the impact of bullet point by one inch at 100 yards. The only thing that you should remember is that not all scopes give an accurate result.


Do not worry about the elevation adjustments because it works on the same MOA principle. It also has identical functionality to your turret of windage. Elevation also follows the same principle as windage does.

Adjustment turrets are placed at the top of the scope body. But some low price scopes do not have such facilities.


Many manufacturers automatically set the Parallex at the factory. Do that you do not spend your time adjusting to it. But invest your money in buying a good scope that can adjust all the three features.

Parallax relates to the reticle when you move your attention from the exact center point of the target. For this reason, we can say that parallax is the apparent movement of the target.

When the target’s images do not fall on the exact optical plane parallax occurs. It can cause a slight shift in your aim point

Under normal circumstances, parallax has minor effects. These effects are not the main issues around 100 meters. But at large ranges, parallax adjustments become very helpful as it gives precise shots. These accurate shots are required at such large ranges.

You can adjust the parallax by using the following steps

  1. Clear and crisp the reticle and make sure it is right on the target when you sight down the scope
  2. Slightly adjust the turret of parallax when you move your head and eyes up and down.
  3. Keep making the parallax adjustments until there is no relation between the target and reticle.

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To increase the working capability of a rifle it is necessary to use scopes. These are the optical devices that you attach with your rifle. Having a scope for a rifle is not enough until you do not adjust them properly. You can adjust the scope in three ways.

It is easy to adjust windage and elevation but not parallax. Many manufacturers made parallax adjustments at the factory to make it easy for you to use the scope. But if you still want to adjust the parallax by reading the article you can do this task.